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The Knowledge Base with the Best Search in the Industry

Shelf makes finding, maintaining, and updating critical knowledge easier than ever before

The Best Company Content Sharing Platform. Period.


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Use Shelf to save time, prevent costly mistakes, and find new opportunities

Ensure Accurate, Up-to-date information

Be sure that trusted information is given on each call through smarter algorithms and analytics

Reduce Admin Overhead

Leverage AI to automatically gain insights into what content is most used and needs to be updated/ improved

Trusted by Top Brands

Shorten Call Handle Times

Shelf has 14 different ways to quickly find information, including searching inside PDF's, Images and Docs

Shorten Setup and Ramp Up Time by Up to 50%

We take the friction out of the setup process by matching every new customer with a certified knowledge management expert. They help our customers create an information architecture, content conventions, and taxonomy so the platform is setup right from the start.

Collaborative Web Clipper 

Modern, Award Winning Interface

Capterra, a Gartner Company, awarded Shelf with Top 1% honors in overall usability across the entire Enterprise Content Management Industry.

The Best Search in the Industry 

Shelf has the most powerful search in the industry enabling agents to find keywords and open results in the exact location of documents, videos, audio and more

Pinpoint Accurate Document, Video and Audio Search

Achieve the content zen you’ve always wanted with an intuitive, clean way to organize your company’s resources. This isn’t just another storage solution. It’s a place to single out only the best, most relevant, and up-to-date content your team can use to get the job done.   

Showcase your most important content from any  location.

Eliminate duplicates and old versions of files.

Easily sort with tags, filters, and badges.


The Most Flexible Content Platform

Manage links, Youtube videos, Linkedin profiles, web articles, social media posts, docs, presentations, PDF's, audio, video, Google Docs and more.

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"Our primary complaint with Microsoft Sharepoint was users' inability to actually find the information they were looking for... Shelf solves this problem for us with an incredible search and better organizing tools. 

Tyler McClelland

Operations Manager at Trickle Up

Operations Officer at Trickle Up

Tyler McClelland


Leverage advanced analytics and Merlin AI™, to gain insights into how content is being used, what is getting out of date, which articles are most popular, and continually optimize your knowledge base so only high value, accurate information exists.

Analytics + AI Make Maintenance Easy

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